Day 11 – Tallahassee, FL to St. Petersburg, FL

My apologies for taken such a long time to post anything about our last day of driving on our road trip from Victoria BC to Saint Petersburg, Florida.  So we left Victoria, BC on March 25, 2014 and arrived in St. Petersburg on April 2, 2014.  Our last day of driving was probably our shortest for a total of 435 km for a total of 6,350 km. for the entire 11 day trip.

It was an interesting trip and certainly not anything we ever dreamed of doing but we enjoyed the journey and have many fond memories of all the cities and people we met along the way.  You don’t realize how big this country is until you drive across it.  We tried to stay off the major interstate highways and found the lesser travelled routes well maintained and allowed us to see towns or gas stops that might otherwise be missed.  I would definitely recommend putting this road trip on your bucket list !

Our POD with all of our belongings from the Wes Del house arrived here without incident a few days after we arrived so we immediately got busy unpacking the POD and setting up a more comfortable bed to sleep on.  Sleeping on an old mattress on the concrete floor just doesn’t cut it anymore.

We arrived to our “house with no kitchen” and immediately started working with our kitchen designer only to find out that they went way over our budget and we had to look for a second quote.  Camping in our house has become the status quo but fortunately with the warm climate (or should I say hot) we BBQ most nights and seem to managing without the comforts of our previous kitchens in BC.

It has been a busy year as we settle into the snowbird lifestyle.   I hope to start blogging a bit more about our adventures and our new homes.  To be continued…….

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

By the way the old BBQ from the previous owners (shown in the photo) is now gone !  Thank goodness for our Weber BBQ !  We have actually wondered why we would need a kitchen here in Florida after all !…..NOT !


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