Florida Kitchen – Before and After

I know this blog post is a bit late but as we wait to return to Florida for the winter, I thought I would share my wonderful new Florida kitchen that awaits for me when we return.  What a transformation !

Trader Joe’s opens in St. Pete’s !

On Friday February 13, 2015 at 8 a.m.  I went to the much anticipated grand opening of  Trader Joe’s in Saint Petersburg, Florida.    Parking was terrible and the traffic police were out in full force.  I had to park a couple of blocks away (which I am sure the neighbours are not going to […]

Kitchen Install – Day 3 and 4

The last couple of days our installers spent a lot of time building the wine bar area next to the refrigerator/pantries, added the aluminum toe kicks around the cabinets, adjusting the cabinet doors so they open with a touch and installed the dishwasher panel which matched the cabinet doors.   The island cabinets were set up […]

Kitchen Install – Day 2

It was a productive day with the install of all the upper cabinets and lower cabinets along the outer wall.  The empty space in the lower cabinets is for the dishwasher.  We are missing a couple of green glass pull up doors for the lower cabinets above the counter so they been back ordered on […]

Kitchen Install – Day 1

It’s been almost a year since we bought our house in St. Petersburg, Florida and it will be a full year by the time we have a functioning kitchen.  M. promised me if we bought this run down house (in a great location by the way) the first thing we would do was totally gut […]

Birds of Paradise !

For some the 13th is not a lucky day but for me it is. Today I awoke to a beautiful clear sky and this interesting bird walking around our pool.  They can be seen all around St. Pete’s but I don’t know what they are called.   Anyone who know please let me know and […]

Florida Home Renovations – Yvonne’s Project #1

My first project when we returned to Florida in early April was to update and clean the patio furniture that was left behind by the previous owners.  The furniture was sturdy and we liked the fact that the chairs swiveled, so we decide to refurbish them.  The chairs were in reasonably good condition except they […]

Florida Home Renovations – M’s Project #1

After purchasing our new home on December 31st, I returned to BC to house sit for three months in Victoria.  M stayed in Florida for the month of January to take out the old kitchen and remove the tile floors to expose the original terrazzo floors.  Terrazzo floors were popular in Florida homes built in […]

Cycling in Saint Petersburg, FL

Life just got better here in St. Pete’s this week as Lucy and I picked up our new set of wheels.   After test riding and contemplating many bikes since we bought our home here, I decided on the Townie by Electra.  Also, falling off my old mountain bike that I brought down from BC and […]