Kitchen Install – Day 3 and 4

The last couple of days our installers spent a lot of time building the wine bar area next to the refrigerator/pantries, added the aluminum toe kicks around the cabinets, adjusting the cabinet doors so they open with a touch and installed the dishwasher panel which matched the cabinet doors.   The island cabinets were set up with the gas range so that we could determine the size and layout of the island and how we were going to build the support for the calcite counter top.  The counter top people were supposed to show up on Friday but were a no show.  This was just as well as the supporting structure for the island counter needs to be built before a finally counter measurement can be taken.  We expect the island counter support to arrive on Monday or Tuesday next week.  On Monday  the gas range will be hooked up but we won’t have a kitchen sink or operating dishwasher until after the counter tops are installed in the new year.  We are starting to see  the kitchen layout now and it’s by far the biggest kitchen I have ever had with ample room to move around and entertain !

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