Day 4 – Las Vegas Nevada

After another long day of driving we decide to stay a couple of nights in Las Vegas and booked a room online at the Stratosphere on the Strip. This was a nice hotel but it turned out to be too far from the main core of Las Vegas Blvd. where the Mirage and Caesar’s Place are located. The first night we walked three long blocks to a restaurant on the strip and treated ourselves to a nice bottle of Napa Valley Chardonnay from Richardsons Winery. It was one of the best Chardonnay’s we have had in a long time and hopefully we will find it in Florida.

Temperatures in Las Vegas were a balmy 84 degrees Fahrenheit and so we took Lucy for a walk along the strip, but at the end of the walk she was black from toe to tummy. Las Vegas is really grimy due to the fact that they have very little rain and/or water. The tub water was so black after her bath and she still wasn’t clean. No more walks for her in Vegas!

Wednesday we brought the car to Allied Automotive to get the air conditioning fixed and Lucy went to a groomers and got her hair cut. While I waited for Lucy, I went to a great Mediterranean restaurant called Raymon’s  and had delicious spinach pie and a salad.

Venus Fly Trap at the Bellagio

Venus Fly Trap at the Bellagio

In the evening, we took the bus down the strip to the Bellagio Hotel and wandered through the lobby and took some pictures. The Bellagio  always does up their lobby with the most incredible flower displays.  If you are ever in Vegas this is definitely a must see.  The following piece of art work is actually made up entirely of  live plants.

Plant Painting - Bellagio Hotel

Plant Painting – Bellagio Hotel

We also watched and listened to the Bellagio’s fountain display that was appropriately called “Lucy in the sky with diamonds” by the Beatles.

Paris Hotel Las Vegas NV

Paris Hotel Las Vegas NV

Then we had a fabulous dinner in the Mirage Hotel at a place called “Japanais” where we sat at the sushi bar,  sipped wine and shared their lobster spring rolls, shrimp tempura, grilled asparagus and salmon roll.


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