Ladner’s Farmers Market

Today is the final farmers market for Ladner in August and if you missed it there will be one more of the summer season on September 8th.  This year the market  is bigger and better than it ever has been, with vendors coming from all over B.C. to sell their wares.

Fresh produce from Cropthorne Farm on Westham Island.

Fresh produce from Cropthorne Farm on Westham Island.

My favourite local farmer is the Cropthorne Farm, which sells certified organic produce that is grown on Westham Island.  I can certainly taste the difference in the produce that is grown locally from the ones that are imported from the US.  The taste and flavours are amazing, so please support your local farmers by buying fruits and veggies from B.C.

Abundance of the season at Ladner's Farmers Market

Abundance of the season at Ladner’s Farmers Market

If you have ever been to Ladner’s Farmers Market you know that it is more than just about local produce.  There are artists, chefs, craftsmen, craftswomen and of course bakers (my favourite).  There are samples to taste while you meander around the tents of sweet pastry, chocolate, hummus, everything garlic from Gabriola Island, balsamic reductions, sausages, cheese, gluten free bread and cookies to buy but “my oh my” you have to try the pie!  And if the whole pie is too much, no worries they have individual pies as well.

Fresh fruit pies

Fresh fruit pies at Ladner’s Farmers Market

And I love this guy too!  Recycle, reuse and be creative.  If only I could remember to bring those old license plates in garage to him at the next market !

The license plate artist.

The license plate artist.

Enjoy the market on this glorious summer day!


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