Last Day of Summer !

Today is a day to celebrate many things including my sister Judy’s Birthday, the annual Day of Peace and the last day of summer.  Fall officially begins Sunday, September 22, 2013 at 1:44 PM PDT here on the West Coast of B.C.  What are you doing today to enjoy your last day of summer?

I decided that I was going to spend more time reading during the day instead of leaving it to the end of the day when I can barely keep my eyes open.  When I am at the cottage on vacation, this doesn’t seem to be a problem as we don’t have a TV or any stores nearby to go shopping, so curling up with a good book is never hard to do there.  But when I am home in Ladner, there always seems to be endless things to do and places to go and having a bit of reading time is rare.  So this morning I spent some time  just reading, enjoying the view from beautiful home on the water and not feeling like there was anything that I had to do.

Right now, it’s 2:45 pm. in the afternoon and the sun is shining and the sky is filled with big fluffy white and grey clouds.  It’s time to take Lucy for a walk on the dike and enjoy this last summer day.

Clouds over Float Homes

Clouds over Float Homes

Just 20 minutes from Richmond B.C. is our small farming community of Ladner where on this last day of summer the farmers were working hard to bring in the harvest before the Fall rains begin.   What do they grow here?  Well a little bit of everything but the largest crop are the potatoes.   Everyday, I see heavy dump trucks loaded to the top with potatoes being transported to the washing facility on Westham Island.  On our walk today at the end of the dike along River Road West this machine was lifting the potatoes from the field with what looked like a large conveyor belt and loading them into the truck.

Harvesting  Potatoes in Ladner

Harvesting Potatoes in Ladner

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