The Sundial – St. Petersburg, Fl.

Yes, it was a gorgeous day here in Florida yesterday with temperatures in the high 70’s.  M and I decided to ride our bikes into town and check out the new Locale Market that just opened at the Sundial this week.  The Sundial is a new high end mall in the centre of St. Pete’s downtown district which includes a multiplex movie theatre, restaurants, and boutiques including Lululemon!  All the way to Florida from BC !  Sounds familiar ? LOL!

Anyway, so I am taking these pictures (can you see M in the first one?)  and the place is packed with families and children and all of the sudden this music starts playing and two ladies are standing on the Sundial singing.  But at first it’s hard to tell if they are really singing or it’s just a great PA system.   So I switch my camera to video mode and start filming.  Then more people start singing and I notice there is a conductor in the middle of the crowd.  It was so unexpected and surreal, just trying to figure out what was going on.  I posted a video on my Facebook page, so click on the Facebook link at the top of my blog post and check it out.  What fun !

It was actually a promo for the St. Petersburg Orchestra who are performing their Christmas concert this Sunday and Monday… was quite incredible especially when we didn’t know it was going to happen!




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